Sunday, December 30, 2007

How Fast Do You Want to Get There?

Another factor to take into account before you buy the car is how much you’re eventually going to spend, and how fast you want to spend it. Fortunately, the MINI Cooper isn’t a very expensive car to start out with, and it is possible to replace and upgrade its components one step at a time. We’ll help you start having fun immediately, and then show you how to upgrade slowly if that’s what is necessary to keep from maxing out your credit cards.
The first thing you need to decide what kind of a car you want to have, so that you don’t spend more than you need to at the dealer. Then you should consider the parts that you’re going to want to upgrade or add in order to create the MINI Cooper that will suit your own ideas of what motoring fun should be. Finally, you should list the parts in the order that you plan to make the changes, so that you get the maximum benefit from each dollar spent and don’t waste money doing things that you’ll eventually have to do over.
We’ve written this book to help you make your budgeting and planning decisions in a logical order, taking into account what you want to do with the car and how much fun you want to have. As you get to know the car and start to have fun with it, you can consider all the ways there are to enjoy it. Each of the four sections of the book will discuss things you can do to have fun with the car, what kinds of modifications and accessories you will want to consider to make the car perform better in those activities, and offer you tips on how to drive better at that level.
This first section of the book will give you some basic buying and driving tips. Then the second section will tell you how to set up your car for a better street and touring performance and give you some tips on driving faster while still staying safe. The third section will help you to make your car and your driving more competitive on the track and autocross course, and fun but safe on back-roads tours. Finally, the fourth section is intended for those of you who want your times to be the fastest on the track or the autocross course, even if that means that space in your back seat is taken up with a roll cage instead of dry cleaning and groceries.

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