Saturday, December 15, 2007

It’s All in the Breeding

When Alexander Issigonis set out in 1957 to design a car that could cope with the Suez Canal fuel crisis, he wanted to create a car that would be both practical and affordable. To achieve this, he put the car together in a completely new way. The tiny ten-inch wheels were placed at the outside corners so as not to intrude on interior space Issigonis supported the suspension on rubber cones which took up much less space than traditional springs and shocks.


mog, the mini maven said...

What's very cool is that the very things Mr. Issigonis did to maximize interior room (wheels at outside corners, donut suspension) made the MINI a great handling car. All that was needed was a souped up engine to make it a giant killer in England's sedan (saloon) races.

My encounter with a MINI Cooper S as a teenager was a revelation. When my next door neighbor traded a bug-eye Sprite for a MINI, I thought he was crazy. Crazy like a fox!

Anonymous said...

Am i missing the rest of this blog or is it just me?